Our Policies

If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact the school office.

General policies

Administration of Medicines 2014-15

Appeal Policy TH 2014-15

Amplification policy TH

Behaviour Policy TH 2016-17

Capability Policy TH 2016-17

Charging and remissions TH

Close Personal Relationships in the Workplace TH 16-17

Code of Conduct TH 2016-17

Code of Practice for School Govrs TH 2017

Complaints policy TH 2014-15

Continuing Professional Development policy TH 2015-16

COSHH Policy TH 2016-17.docx

Data protection policy TH 2014-15

Dignity at work TH 2016-17

Disciplinary Policy TH

e-safety policy TH 2014-15

Educational Visits policy TH 2015-16

Equal opportunities policy TH 2014-15

Family Leave Policy TH 2015-16

Finance Policy TH 2016-17

FOIA policy TH

Gifted and Talented TH 2014-15

Govrs allowances TH

Grievance policy TH

Health and Safety Policy TH 16-17

Healthy lunchbox policy TH 2014-15

International TH 2014-15

Leave of Absence policy TH 2015-16

Letting of School Premises Policy TH 2016-17

Lone Working Policy TH 2016-17

Long Service Award TH 2016-17

Marking and Feedback TH 2015-16

Organisational Change Policy 2016-17 TH

Parent code of conduct TH 2016-17

Performance Management policy TH 2016-17

Positive Handling TH 2015=16

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation policy TH 2015 V2

Pupil premium policy TH 2016-17

Right to request flexible working

Safeguarding policy TH 2016-17 v2

School Fund constitution TH 2016-17

SEND policy 092014

Sex Education TH 2014-15

Snacks Policy TH 2014-15

Social Media TH 2015 - 16

Start and End of Day policy 16-17

Supporting pupils with medical conditions 2014-15

Support Staff Pay Policy TH 2016-17

Teachers Pay Policy TH 2016-17

Volunteer policy TH 2015-16

Whistle Blowing policy

Work experience Policy TH 2016-17

Curriculum Policies

Art and Design policy TH 2015-16

Computing policy TH 2015 - 16

Cooking and Nutrition policy TH 2016-17

Design Technology TH 2015-16

English policy TH 2015-16

Geography policy TH 2015-16

History policy TH 2015-16

Languages policy TH 2015-16

Maths policy TH 2015-16

Music policy TH 2015-16

PE policy TH 2015-16

Science policy TH 2016-17

Swimming policy TH 2015-16