Our Policies

If you have any questions regarding our policies please contact the school office. 

General policies

Appeal Policy TH

Amplification Policy TH

Attendance policy TH

Behaviour Policy TH

Capability Policy TH

Charging and Remissions TH

Close Personal Relationships in the Workplace TH

Code of Conduct TH 2016-17

Code of Practice for School Govrs TH

Complaints policy TH

Continuing Professional Development policy TH


Data protection policy TH

Dignity at work TH 2016-17

Disciplinary Policy LCC TH

e-safety policy TH

Educational Visits policy TH

Employee Grievance Policy TH

Equal opportunities policy TH

Family Leave Policy TH

Finance Policy TH 2017-18

FOIA policy TH

Gifted and Talented TH

Govrs allowances TH

Health and Safety Policy TH 17-18

Healthy lunchbox policy TH

International TH

Leave of Absence policy TH

Letting of School Premises Policy TH 2017-18

Lone Working Policy TH 2016-17

Long Service Award TH 2016-17

Marking and Feedback TH 2015-16

Mobile device policy TH 2016-17

Organisational Change Policy 2016-17 TH

Parent code of conduct TH 2016-17

Performance Management policy TH 2016-17

Positive Handling TH 2015=16

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation policy TH 2015 V2

PSHE policy TH

Pupil premium policy TH 2016-17

Right to request flexible working

Safeguarding policy TH 2017-18

School Fund constitution TH 2016-17

Sex Education TH 2014-15

Snacks Policy TH 2014-15

Social Media TH 2015 - 16

Start and End of Day policy 16-17

Supporting pupils with medical conditions incl AOM TH

Support Staff Pay Policy TH 2016-17

Teachers Pay Policy TH 2016-17

Volunteer policy TH

Whistle Blowing policy

Work experience Policy TH 2016-17

Curriculum Policies

Art and Design policy TH 2015-16

Computing policy TH 2015 - 16

Cooking and Nutrition policy TH 2016-17

Design Technology TH 2015-16

English policy TH 2015-16

Geography policy TH 2015-16

History policy TH 2015-16

Languages policy TH 2015-16

Maths policy TH 2015-16

Music policy TH 2015-16

PE policy TH 2015-16

Science policy TH 2016-17

Swimming policy TH 2015-16