Sports Premium

In September 2013, the new sport premium was introduced to every primary school with the aim of improving the quality of PE and school sport provision and the Government has committed to provide the grant until 2020. 

This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school head teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. Schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Learning, achievement and progress for all children is an important part of our commitment to the use of our Physical Education Sport Premium grant. We intend for all of our pupils to take part and have as many opportunities as possible this year to enjoy sport and develop their skills.

Read our report for 2016 – 17:

PE premium update TH 2016-17


Update October 2017

On 24th October 2017 the government announced they were doubling the funding that primary schools receive to improve the quality of their PE and sport provision from £160 million to £320 million. We are delighted that there is further investment in PE and sports and will use this additional funding to increase the opportunities available to our pupils to develop their skills and set good habits for life.

Our sports premium has been increased to £17,750 for the 2017-18 academic year.

With the new funding for the this year we plan to:

  - Implement a programme of Continuing Professional Development for all teachers focused  

    around gymnastics, net and wall games and striking and fielding

 - Deliver ‘Mentoring’ to class teachers to support them in planning and delivering PE lessons

 - Children who are unable to swim in year 6 will join the year 5 class

 - Update equipment

 - Fund a dance club for less active pupils

 - Fund transport costs for sporting events, including those for less active pupils and girl  specific competitions.

 - Adapt our basket posts so that they interchange with netball and we are then able to host fixtures for both sports

 - Purchase Active Maths resources to support the teaching of Maths across other subjects