Sports Premium

In September 2013, the new sport premium was introduced to every primary school with the aim of improving the quality of PE and school sport provision and in October 2017 the government announced they were doubling the funding that primary schools receive to improve the quality of their PE and sport provision from £160 million to £320 million. We are delighted that there is further investment in PE and sports and will use this additional funding to increase the opportunities available to our pupils to develop their skills and set good habits for life.

Saffron Lane Year 6 boys

Learning, achievement and progress for all children is an important part of our commitment to the use of our Physical Education Sport Premium grant. We intend for all of our pupils to take part and have as many opportunities as possible this year to enjoy sport and develop their skills.

Read our report for 2018 - 19 here:

Sports Premium 2018-19 TH