School Dinners

We aim to encourage healthy eating by offering a variety of nutritious foods.  All school meals are prepared on site and include carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables, the crucial elements of a nutritionally balanced diet – and children are taught the importance of each to a balanced diet, so they can make the right choices.

Please click here to see the current lunchtime menu:

The school’s dining hall operates a cashless system, so money cannot be paid over the counter – payments are operated by adding credit through ParentMail (minimum payment £5).

Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a free school meal (Universal Infant Free School Meal) which includes water, but they may choose to buy a juice carton which will need to be paid for by adding credit through ParentMail.

For Key Stage 2, the standard price of a primary school meal is £2.20. 

Prices for drinks and toast are:

Aqua Juice  35p

Pure Fruit juice  35p

Flavoured milkshake  45p 

Toast (KS2 children)  Half slice  15p  Full slice  25p

Fruit pots  28p