A visit from a Bearded Dragon

Thank you very much to Archie and his mum for bringing in their unusual pet, a bearded dragon. During their visit, Archie was in the ‘hot seat’ with year 1 asking lots of different questions. We found out that Archie keeps his pet in a vivarium with lamps. When it’s night time the lamps are turned off so the bearded dragon can go to sleep. Archie feeds the bearded dragon one live locust a day and also gives it fruit, so that makes a bearded dragon an omnivore. Bearded dragons are very easy to clean out as their poo it very small so they just pick it up with tweezers. Bearded dragons don’t drink very much as they are adapted to living in very dry conditions. This means they don’t wee a lot! Archie doesn’t know yet whether his pet is a boy or a girl. When it gets a little older, it will need be seen by an expert to tell whether it’s male or female. Bearded dragons are likely to live to 20 years.We now know that a bearded dragon is a reptile. Also, we have learnt lots of facts about reptiles:

  • Reptiles lay eggs.
  • Reptiles have scaly skin.
  • Reptiles are cold blooded


A challenge….can you name any other reptiles? If you give Mrs Robinson a list, house points could be yours!