The Lost Thing by Ellie and Lacey

I must have stared for at it for a while. I mean, it  had a really weird look about it – a solemn, lost sort of look. I tapped it gently, but nothing happened, so I tapped it a bit harder, still nothing happened. I opened one of the flaps and I shouted

hello. Suddenly, some tentacles shot out of the rusty,red flaps. He had giant pincers and spat out a multi-coloured beach ball. I thought it was a lost thing.The lost thing, who was very playful, had very slimy tentacles.The weird thing was a mechanical creaure. The lost thing’s legs (tentacles) were very long. He had spikes on his egg-shaped head, the spikes were as sharp as a knife. When I was playing with this mechanical creature, I noticed no-one was paying attention to us. It was like everybody was too busy. The automaton wasn’t solemn anymore.