The lost thing by Oliver and Archie

I must have stared at it for a while. I mean it had a really weird look about it – a sad lost sort of look.

It was a large, mechanical structure and it played with me all evening. It seemed to be as playful

as a child. The thing looked as big as a house with all of its green, slimy tentacles and big, grey

claws. All of his bulbous body work had a red, rusty look. The awe-inspiring mutant was a kind-hearted one with real emotions. All it wanted to do was to be friendly and be very playful.

As you heard, I had¬†already been playing with it, but people weren’t noticing it. As the hours

slouched by, people started to go home and no-one came to claim it. That’s when i had the

feeling, that it was well and truly lost…